Loke is THE drummer med big D.. He uses sex basskäggs and 32 zidjan cymbals and eats wire with taggs for breakfast and brejks av trumpinna with öga...

Best way to get a hold of him... call 911 if forigner or if in EU call 112..
Ian e a NEWBIE in da final crap!! How kan han have koll on alla instrument realy egentligen? Kii bord, guitar, trums...He kan it allt!!

Vanligast he borrows gitarrs from clet... what a bastard he can be... Dont let him sno your guitar...
Rikki's disease "LSD" makes han kind of funny..We hope att he will bi frisk before somone gets hurt bad..He therfore ät some piller that makes him rolig.

Singer of the year in The vocalist 2004
Mr Fist uses a fender bass with floydrose, just to...sakkrifais some tones to the Metal Guds from HELL, och to mejk Mr Floyd Patterson Happi.

...burp...yeaa whatever..
Clet DON'T use fender guitars but nästan every other kind. His motto is "it's never to sent to give up". That has tagit him to where he was yesterday.

No one vet vars he is now, yet tomorrow.